Chemist Training Program

To promote the sales of its’ cosmetic ingredients. Amchem established the “after sales service”- a phrase coined by a customer. Amchem has set up a fully equipped applications laboratory and a technical library. While competitors have more salesmen, Amchem however, has definitely more chemists/technical staff doing laboratory and technical support work to provide the “after sales service”
Now, Amchem provides an extra dimension in its “after sales service” by providing a training program in cosmetic formulation.
The training course runs in 2-3 day modules depending on the participants’ previous experience.

                        The Cosmetic Training Course Outline

Emulsion Technology                                          Thickeners
Principles of Emulsion                 - Ideal Thickening System
    - Emulsifier Introduction                                            -Thickeners and their compatibilities
    -Factors affecting Emulsion                                     - How to choose the right thickener
    - HLB Value                                                             - Carbomed thickeners
    - Ideal Emulsion                                                         Hands on: Lotion, creams,
    - Emollient System                                                       shampoo and body wash
    - Humectants System                                              -Regulatory requirements for LTO
    -Active Ingredients                                                            product registration and Listing
    - Stability Protocols                                               -List of Restricted Ingredients
Hands on - Hydro lotion, Whitening                         -How to make claims and how to
Cream, Cold Mix Hand and Body                                      support the claims
Lotion, Hand Body Lotion with heating                      -Clinical Tests
                                                                                      -Asean Cosmetic Harmonization                    
                                                                                              and the effects on your business
Surfactant Technology    
    - Surfactant Introduction                                         
    - Surfactant Classification and functions            Preservative Technology
    - Basic Hair Structure                                              - Introduction to Preservative System    
    - Properties of Shampoo                                        - Common Microorganisms in Cosmetics
    - % Washing Actives                                               - Factors Affecting Preservatives
    - Conditioners                                                          - Ideal Preservative System                                                                                                  
Hands on: Low cost shampoo,                                - Microbiological testing
pearlized shampoo, 
conditioner, body wash, facial                                 Regulatory Issues
wash, and liquid soap