Amchem Product Catalog

 Amchem presents its product catalog for cosmetic ingredients available ex-stock
- Anti Acne Agent - Zinc is a powerful anti acne and anti-microbial agent. But Zinc is a mineral that is hard to disperse. By encapsulating Zinc in Nalidone       (INCI: Sodium PCA), it becomes water-soluble. 
- Anti Microbial Agent - Amchem has a wide range of anti microbial preservatives, sourced from China, USA & Europe. China has good quality & low cost preservatives. Proven by independent lab test. Ask for copy of test results.
- Anti Static agent - Cost effective Polyquartenium 7 and Cetrimonium chloride are used in shampoo and hair creams. Polyquartenium 7 is very popular in formulations. Cetrimonium chloride is widely used in hair creams.
- Deodorant Agents - Aluminum Chlorhydrol and the more advanced Aluminum Zirconium are from Summit USA.
- Exfoliating Agent - Glycolic acid 99% is one of the purest available in the market today. Dupont of USA makes it.
- Hair Fixatives - PVP K30 is widely used as hair holding agents for hair styling gels. Our PVP K30 is from Germany. PVP/VA Copolymer used in most in hair sprays and mousses. PVP K90 is for superior holding power.
- Hair Conditioner - Amchem presents a wide range of hair conditioners for shampoos; hair creams and other hair care products. The conditioners can be protein based, polymer based and vitamin based.
- Opacifying Agent- Improves the opaqueness and whiteness of skin conditioners, hair conditioners, and hair creams.
- Skin Protectant - Allantoin is a widely used as skin protectant. China Allantoin is available.
- Skin Conditioning-Humectant - Sodium PCA does not cause eye irritation and has 3x the moisturizing power of glycerin. It is part of the skin’s natural moisturizing factor.  Other humectants     include Polysaccaharides and Squalane, a humectant from olive oil
 - Skin Conditioning-Emollient - Amchem has the traditional IPM/IPP. Cetearyl octanoate, Squalane, and Lanolin are very popular and traditionally used as skin conditioning and emollients.
 - Skin Conditioning-Occlusive - Amchem carries Jojoba Oil and Dimethicone.
 - Sunscreens - Synthetic sunscreens like (OMC) Octylmethoxycinnamate. Physical sunscreens micronized Ti02 and micronized Zinc Oxide contributes to high SPF’s.
 - Surfactant-Cleansing Agent - 2 moles SLES70% from natural alcohol and a range of mild surfactants from Disodium lauryl sulfoccinates, Disodium cocoamphoacetate and Cocoamidopropyl betaine.
 - Surfactant-Emulsifying Agent - Amchem has a wide range from the traditional Ceteareth 25, Ceteareth 6 & Stearyl alcohol, Ceteareth 11 & 20, and Sorbitan Oleate. Customers are provided with wide range of emulsifiers to work with.
 - Surfactant - Cocodiethanolamine (CDEA)  known as super amides, it is 85% active and is widely used as a foam booster.
 - Surfactant-Pearlizer - Sodium lauryl ether sulfate & ethylene glycol monostearate combination which is used as a pearlizing agent. It does not separate       like other pearlizers
 - Surfactant-Solubilizing Agent - 14 mole ethylene oxide. It has the highest solubilizing effect for oils.
 - UV Absorber - Benzophenone 3 is a very popular UV absorber.
 - Viscosity Increasing Agent - Acrylic polymer based Carbomed 940 with same quality as Carbopol 940 but at a lower cost.  Methocel thickener solutions for viscous applications.
 - Biological Actives - Range covers Licorice and other herbal extracts like Papaya, Aloe Vera and Avocado.
 - Vitamins -  Vitamins A, C & E. Niacinamide (B3).  D Panthenol is a hair vitamin.
  Ask for a complete list of products made by Amchem partners.  The catalogue is available in CD format.