Amchem Cosmetic Library

Amchem has over the years compiled a significant number of cosmetic reference books. These books contain vital information needed in the successful development of cosmetic products. Some of the books are rare, hard to find and/or expensive. As an added service, Amchem will make these reference books available for research to our clients. Below is a listing of reference books available in the Amchem Library:
List of Reference Books
· Advances in Cosmetic Technology By: ROBERT L. GOLDEMBERG
· CTFA Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary and Handbook Edited By: JOANNE M. NIKITAKIS
 Emulsion & Emulsion Technology I & II Edited by: KENNETH J. LISSANT
 Farm Chemicals Hand Book ’85 edited by: RICHARD T. MEISTER
 Hand Book of Cosmetic Science and Technology by ANDRE BAREL, MARC PAYE, and HOWARD MAIBACH
 Harry’s Cosmeticology (7th Edition) Edited by : J.B. WILKINSON / R.J. MOORE
 Healing Wonders of Herbs – Guide to the Effective use of Medicinal Plants by: HERMINIA DE GUZMAN-LADION
 Herbal Medicine – the Natural Way to Get Well  by: DIAN DINCIN BUCHMAN
 McCutheon’s Emulsifier Detergents
 McCutheon’s Functional Materials 1981
 Medicinal Plants – An Authentic Guide to Natural Remedies By: HANS FLUCK
 Perfume and Flavor Chemicals By: STEFFEN ARCTANDER
 Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin By: STEFFEN ARCTANDER
 Perfumery and Flavor Synthesis By: PAUL Z. BEDOUKIAN, CH.E., PH.D.
 Perfumery Technology Art – Science Industry By: F.V. WELLS & MARCEL BILLOT
 Remington’s Pharmaceutical Sciences By: ALFONSO R. GENNARO
 Surface Active Agents(Their Chemistry Technology) Edited By: ANTHONY M. SCHWARTZ / JAMES W. PERRY
 The Aromatheraphy Handbook By: DANIELE RYMAN
 The Chemistry Manufacture of Cosmetics 2nd Edition By: MAISON G. DE NAVARRE
 The Complete Home Guide to Aromatheraphy By: ERICH KELLER
 The Directory of Essential Oil By: WANDA SELLAR
 The Herb Book By: JOHN LUST
 Thorsons Guide to Medical Herbalism By: DAVID HOFFMANN