Amchem Corporate Profile


The main line of business is the distribution of cosmetic and food ingredients with cosmetic ingredients accounting for 85 % of turnover.


Date established. 1984

Amchem distribution facilities are 3000 square meter warehouse and 4 delivery trucks

Number of employees as of Oct 2010 - 32 employees.

Staff profile. 3 in sales and marketing, 3 in technical support, 3 in customer services, balance in back office processes, warehousing and delivery operations.

Amchem ownership is Private

Amchem Senior Management is composed of Alfredo Yao as Chairman and President; Amador Vallejos Jr. as General Manager and COO. Alfredo Yao is owner and chairman of ZestO group of companies with interests in banking, airline and travel, consumer products manufacture and distribution.


Major features of the Amchem organization


Client Coverage. 

Amchem focus is on local companies. MNC’s have their standard head office short listed approved ingredients and branded products.

Amchem uses the following face to face channels – Sales team calls, RND staff technical calls to assist clients in formulations and troubleshooting, CTP chemist training seminar programs on a quarterly basis. 140 have attended the seminar since its beginnings in 2006. The discussion focus is on new projects for new launches or reformulation.

On the back office side, the customer service team takes orders, coordinates supply planning, coordinates delivery, and refers technical matters to the RND staff.

The team approach is used to address and to respond to different customer service requirements. Each client is covered by a team from the commercial side, technical staff and customer service staff.

The team activities are glued together by an enterprise wide cloud based computing system. It features project collaboration, data sharing and analysis for sales and inventory forecasting; reports recorded for easy access. This feature is also shareable with Amchem suppliers.

Recently Amchem established its fan page in Facebook at

Our service level is 1-2 days for goods delivery and 24 hours for sample delivery

The average number of years of experience in the cosmetic industry for Amchem staff is 20 years considering that most employees have been with Amchem from 15-25 years.

Amchem is a member of various trade related organizations such as Chamber of Cosmetic Industries, Philippine Society of Cosmetic Chemists, and Herbal Industries Association. Mr. Vallejos has held positions in the Chamber of Cosmetic Industries as director and president in previous years. In the business community, Mr Alfredo Yao and Mr. Vallejos hold various officer positions in business organizations and companies as directors or as past presidents.


Our address is:

46 A. Bonifacio Ave

Quezon City 1114


Tel +632 7436334

Fax +632 7400936 and +632 7402160